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A note about naming conventions, XXXS designates a shader, meaning it should work in the plugin and continue forever looking basically like the thumbnail. XXXSXXS spherically applied shader, differentiates between the spherical and planar versions of a single method. XXXM is a map shader, they have a blend tile for rendering out seamless tiles, they are slow and will only color a very small square if used with the plugin. XXX are origin dependant, they work in the plugin but will fall apart on at least 1 axis once they extend past their planar viewable thumbnail area, basically 1 off backgrounds.

Last update 10-30-02

There are currently 120 DT2 trees

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Thumbnail Page 1: natural ground typesThumbnail Page 2: natural wall typesThumbnail Page 3: fabricated ground typesThumbnail Page 4: fabricated wall typesThumbnail Page 5: wood typesThumbnail Page 6: metals
Thumbnail Page 7: mainly metalsThumbnail Page 8: mainly hidesThumbnail Page 9: furryThumbnail Page 10: eyesThumbnail Page 11: mainly environmentThumbnail Page 12: abstractsThumbnail Page 13: seamless tiles

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